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How can I lose weight?

Actually out of 10 people, 5-6 people have this same issue that how can I lose weight? So in this blog, we will cover this topic.

So before coming to the topic "How can I lose weight?" will try to know how we are putting weight in our body.

It depends on two major factors. One of them is we are consuming more calories than our body needs and the second one is genetics.

If our body needs 1700 Kcal only in a whole day but we are consuming 2200 Kcal then an extra 500 Kcal going to put additional weight in our body. It's a very simple concept. But If we are consuming 1700 Kcal only then we need to focus on macros as well which we will discuss.

But if things come to genetic factors like metabolism, hormone then we need to focus more on our diet and exercises to lose weight.

Now we can come to the topic that how to lose weight.

Major two ways are there to lose weight one is diet and another is exercise.

Diet: -

Many diet plans are there for weight loss. Which one will work for you better, it's difficult to say. Because everyone has a different body structure and genetics.

But always recommended that start from a normal weight loss diet plan like you are going only 200-300 Kcal deficit instead of starting from the KETO diet.

Daily Consumption calories for males.

Age 19-20

  • Sedentary: 2,600

  • Moderately active: 2,800

  • Active: 3,000

Age 21-30

  • Sedentary: 2,400

  • Moderately active: 2,600-2,800

  • Active: 3,000

Age 31-50

  • Sedentary: 2,200-2,400

  • Moderately active: 2,400-2,600

  • Active: 2,800-3,000

Age 51+

  • Sedentary: 2,000-2200

  • Moderately active: 2,200-2,400

  • Active: 2,400-2,800

Daily recommended calorie consumption for females:

Age 19 to 30 years

  • Sedentary: 1,800 to 2,000

  • Moderately active: 2,000 to 2,200

  • Active: 2,400

Age 31-50 years

  • Sedentary: 1,800

  • moderately active: 2,000

  • Active: 2,200

Age 51+ years

  • Sedentary: 1,600

  • Moderately active: 1,800

  • Active: 2000 to 2,200

Your diet should be a well-balanced macros diet. For that, you can consult any professional dietitian or RV FITNESS.


After the topic of Diet, we will cover the topic of Workouts.

Workout is also a very important part of your weight loss journey. otherwise, the end result will be not that good or satisfactory.

Every day 45 min. to 60 min. of intense workout is enough for you to achieve your fitness goals. Which consist of Strength training, HIIT training, Cardio, etc. You should never depend only on cardio to lose weight that is not a good way to accomplish your fitness desire. Strength training is important in weight loss as same as in muscle-building goals.

Here is a sample of a weight loss training program.

Monday: - Back + Cardio

Tuesday: - Arms + Cardio + Abs

Wednesday: - HIIT

Thursday: - Chest + Shoulder + Cardio

Friday: - Legs + Cardio

Saturday: - HIIT + Abs

This is one standard training program for weight loss. Which is a combination of Strength training, HIIT, and Cardio.

If you are not able to go gym for all 6 days then consult any professional trainer or RV FITNESS to design a workout plan according to your convenient days.

So this small discussion from our side. We are hoping for your great fitness journey.

We Care About Your Fitness

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